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(UNDER 10s)

Mini Tennis provides the perfect introduction to the sport for children aged between three and 10.

Use the power of sport to help your children to develop in an inclusive and structured environment, where they can learn and grow through Mini Tennis.

The Mini Tennis programme allows the sport to be accessible to young children. The smaller courts and equipment, combined with lower-bouncing balls help to produce a platform for young people to get to grips with the game and develop a love for the sport.

Mini Tennis is split into four stages:

  • Tots: 3-5 years - Learn the basics

  • Red: 5-8 years - Serve, rally and score

  • Orange: 8-9 years - Develop a rounded game

  • Green: 10 years - Put your skills to the test

At each stage the game is tailored to fit different age groups with different sized courts and balls. This will allow your child to develop in an environment where they are surrounded by players of a similar ability as well as being able to make new friends who are of similar age.

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